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The word regret was invented to describe the function of reflecting on the past, where we feel as if something better could have been done in that event. I see regret's true function however to be a learning experience, one in which we attempt to improve future decision making and choices.



non attachment non judgement

So if everyone always does their best, there is never any wrong. So there is never any need for forgiveness and thus regret. Therefore, no need for guilt or shame. It’s all acceptance and understanding.


That isn’t to say there is no need for learning. We can grow and imporove ourselves. Just no need for regret etc


Actually scrap that. You do need regret cause it an evolutionary learning tool. There is just no need to live with regret after it has served its purpose as a learning mechanism.


Yeah so it’s about this idea of sitting not sitting with regret past the point of where it still ‘serves’ us as a learning mechanism.





An invention.



Regret is a conjuration of the mind. It does not exist.


How can it? The past does not exist in a state that we can interact, let alone change. So, if we cannot alter the past at all, what purpose does it serve to know that anything happened before the moment we live in?


We have knowledge of the past only for us to learn lessons for the present. There is no need for judgement of the past. We need only the lesson we gain from the past to educate our decision for the present moment. Each moment that moves from the present into becoming the past is one more moment in time that is added to the cumulative soup that allows us to make decisions and take action in the present; this soup is our perspective; the cumulation of all the lessons we have learnt.


The future is the universe of the imagination. Both the past and the future exist only in our minds, thus regret only exists in our minds, and then only if we wish it to. When we imagine, we leave the state of mindfullness, leaving the present moment. It is impossible to be in the past, and when we imagine, we are also not in the present. This leaves us with the imagination being the universe of the future. We visit the future through our imagination and in this place anything we dream CAN come true.


While we can visit the future, we can never visit the past. Whenever we recall with memory, we enter the mind into imagination.








Be the master of your mind and live free of regret past the point that it serves you.


Imagine the future you wish to live because anything can happen in a story that has yet to be written.


The present will fuel the past to teach you lessons for the now, while the future will feed you endless possibilities for the present.








Does a bear imagine?


Perhaps. It thinks about storing enough fat for the winter.

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