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Sometimes the bell rings for the end of class yet the lesson you learn that day is yet to come.

the story of Victor and lying


You pause. Eyes flit this way and that as jumbled ideas race through your mind.

Words, limping, fall out of your mouth.




Moving on your body begins to crumple inward.

'Wait! No? Yes? No?'

Disorientation explodes with each last step and as you pass, three laughing facets remind you of normalcy.

'Where am I? No, rather... is this me?'

Your innards are wrenched this way and that as the search explores inward for your heart's desires.

'Arrhh… it's so loud!? You've been screaming the whole time?!'

You hear it now, unmarred by the sludge of fear. The body twists, from whence it came; toward normalcy. The screaming changes to a song of 'Charge.' Conviction and Courage stand aside the race lines, banners waving high. Still wrought and wracked, the body bursts with energy to keep pace with the soul. 'Breathe deep and speak!!' yell C and C from the sideline.


Two words.


Yes, because you know who you are and THIS is you. It is the real. It is the flying high for all to see. Far above, soaring, the dragon roars and shows all his weakness. You are the fearless dragon whose weakness pierces through to heart. Your honour is to wear this badge because it is also your greatest strength; to show your weakness and roar still with the fire of life.


Two words

and with them, heart returns.


Smiles and powerful names on parting. Yes, you share in the power of you, your name having returned to you once more. The journey by foot continues, letting strength be your crutch. The journey with pause no more.




Thank you Victor for reminding me of my weakness, my strength and my name.

Live long and prosper.


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