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Life could be seen as one continuous lesson as we move from the present moment to whatever comes next. This idea is probably influenced by a lyrical line from Limp Bizkit, "Life is a lesson, you'll learn it when you're through."


Seeing the future with limitless possibilities one could question what exactly could we learn that would undoubtedly help us in the journey into this great unknown. There have been a number of people who I've come across in life that I think have passed on a similar wisdom in answer to this question and yet my mind always returns to those I haven't met, ancient philosophers.


How ironic, that they could know so little and yet so much.

the story of the teacher and the student


Once there was a teacher and a student.


The student was taught many things by the teacher.


The teacher would point to the ground saying ‘This is the earth.’ Hearing this, the student would nod. Both would stand under a tree and the teacher would say, ‘This is the shade.’ Hearing this, the student would nod. Sitting together at a table, the teacher would open a book and say to the student, ‘These are words.’ Hearing this, the student would nod.


The greatest lesson the student ever learned from the teacher

Was not of the teacher showing him what things were; was not to learn from the teacher what to think.

Instead, it was a sense of knowing nothing, and thus to always question, to find answer and hence find understanding for oneself; the lesson to think.


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