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To love yourself is to live in enthusiasm and acceptance of yourself (check eharmony profile answers)


Only then can we give ourselves the opportunity to love others. Taking care of our own needs is to live in love and happiness of ourselves.

(see yellow book for writings on adelaide road trip)

When I have love for myself, I grant myself more opportunity to love you



If I truly love you, then I will always want you to make yourself the number one priority in your life. Always do what you must to take care of yourself first. I will always know and respect this consideration. That way you need never experience any negative feeling toward having to anything that does or does not happen within the relationship. I will always be understanding...



And if I am ever not, then please remind me of this sentiment : D


If, as individuals, we can grow past being affected by expectations and judgement, have love and care for ourselves then WE become the most influential people in our lives.

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