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There are times when you least expect it. You'll turn a corner and there it will be. Rumaging through some books, and out it will drop. You'll be staring across a lake when it is blown to your shore. You'll be doing something else, when suddenly you will see.


Like a forgotten memory, the trickle of water droplets splash your face.


It's such pleasant surprise that you ask yourself; Is this what you were after all along?


Inspired by a chance encounter with Alley.



unexpected.sweetest. surprising. calming. attraction.


a Beauty that the clouds would gladly bow to the horizon so the sun and moon would have more time shining for. that their light may Kiss your face, and grace onlookers with such a divine vision. like rain drops in the heat, you Breathe life and calm to the tumult of throbbing thoughts.


Soft curves; where do they end?


the nose, Rose cheeks. rose cheeks like rolling crescent moons, Perfectly formed. Celestial beings match themselves off, plumbing creations depths, too, their own mighty machinations, to explain the curves adorned beneath your eyes.


your Lips. Two. friends finding adventure, Discovery, when they are apart. Always laughter between them. and when they meet, how joyous the reunion, to tell stories to Smile and share.


oh, how my own two lips long to learn their Tales Whispered Amidst The Quiet Flow Of A River At Night.




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