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Possibly my favourite poem to write.


I've spent more time on land than at sea and yet is it strange that I find the salty seas so alluring to write about. This unknown; where imagination wears both crown and cap'n'bells, may be the reason why I see such mystery, magic and metaphors when my mind sails from the shores.


Written for my lovely and dear friend, Dani celebrating her 30th year after birth.


: )

a life amid the waves


No longer a babe growing toward a child. No longer a teen growing toward a youth. No longer a young adult growing toward a grown-up.



Ready for whatever comes, unafraid of storms, as you see friends and companions standing beside you. The waves rise up and crash against your seaworthy ship, steady in its sails with your fellow crew of companions running this way and that. No rigging will be left to flap in the wind for too long.



Guided by the stars at night, they pull you toward the heart of your dreams. There is magic up there. Gazing back over the course you’ve charted, you nod thinking on the wisdom of the lessons that time has taught you. With passion and heartbreak. The marks of course shifts, always the inner guru pointing on to where your sails can gather the most wind. Out over the horizon, you wonder with wandering thoughts. Sun, rain, sea monsters, mermaids, paradise of palms, reefs and speckled fish, or land and giant waterfalls. People who you have never met. It all exists out there; your life, a wonderland of discoveries.


You return to the ship railings and breathing deep the air of now. Understanding and accepting, thankful and happy, of where you’ve come from, where you might go, and always, where you are.


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