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Not so long ago, one morning began with the quiet buzzing of a phone; a message from my friend, Nha. In a few short lines (replete with at least... one exclamation mark!) she expressed her excitement and joy over finally recieving her climbing rack in the mail.


She inspired me and the creation was thus.

the gift


Smile; as if each moment is the most splendid of gifts.

Chew; as if each bite is wisdom discovered amid tall trees softly swaying in the moonlight.

Step; as if there is no place you'd rather be.

Hug; as if you are the air and bathing sunlight, blanketing the earth.

Dress; as if you challenge the most splendid of artists.

Speak; as if each word plants the seed to a field of flowers.

Think; as if to never see the edge of the universe.

Be; the marvellous you



Be mindful

and Be the greatest gift you can give to yourself.

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