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When my mind is barely able to sit still, I let it venture into thoughts of places and things where I find adventure, fun and curiosity; my happiness. Grand visions of kayaking on the sea or bushwalking beneath tall peaks have always frolicked inside my dreams and desires for exploration.


This poem is inspired by the idea of escaping into the mountains. To discover what may be, on the journey someplace else.

to the mountains



Escape to the far away mountains,

the streams and the gulleys

The woosh of the wind over saddles,

racing below in the valleys.


The clouds of moist air drift down, alight,

with calm, tranquil, peace.

The cool wet breath, inhaled,

 finding where it has most needs.


Amongst shaggy bark underfoot,

Soaring high up on thermal currents,

Nature’s denizens whispering secrets, unnoticed,

Cept for curiosity of an infant’s.


Past echoing cave, toppled tree,

Glade of shimmering grass and sparkling falls,

The two feet of the traveller traipse, the journey,

To explore within through without, never stalls.



What fun adventures do you dream of?

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