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Come with me & delve into imaginarium.


If you already know the way, close your eyes, open your mind and release your heart.


I'll meet you there.

May I have

This is written as a message of guidance, inspired by an image sent to me by my friend, Kat. The inspiring image featured a lion's head at its center framed by the words, 'Greatness is not measured by Money or Stature. It is measured by Courage and Heart.' From there the word courage swirled around in my thoughts until the Serenity Prayer I had seen in my younger days as a Christian youth flashed to the forefront. I wanted my message to be reminiscent of this form however crafted from my own ideas and values.

Un Poeme Un Anglais

The first poem was written one clear sky'd evening in Radelaide. I later decided to send this in a letter to my friend, Chrystelle, who was interested in seeing the finished poem. Writing the letter for her produced the second poem and final short turn of phrase.

to shine like Ruby


Often I find myself amazed by how words can have such a holistic effect on a person.


This was written for my friend, Ruby, heading to an exam. I wished to endow positive thoughts and energy into a message that spoke about how sometimes we can be carried away in over achieving.


When we try too hard, we cause ourselves to fail at doing our best; being too caught up with the notion that whatever we end up doing, may not be enough. Feel at peace, free yourself from worry, from fear. Find your inner calm self, in the knowledge that at all times in your life, you do your best in that moment.

the ruby anniversary


Written for Delores and Kevin Beasley on their 40th Wedding Anniversary the theme of which is ruby. 


The poem attempts to conjur images that remind me of my parents love for one another in the colour theme of ruby. First read aloud at the celebration with family and friends in New South Wales March 10, 2013.

to the mountains


When my mind is barely able to sit still, I let it venture into thoughts of places and things where I find adventure, fun and curiosity; my happiness. Grand visions of kayaking on the sea or bushwalking beneath tall peaks have always frolicked inside my dreams and desires for exploration.


This poem is inspired by the idea of escaping into the mountains. To discover what may be, on the journey someplace else.


a life amid the waves


Possibly my favourite poem to write. I've spent more time on land than at sea and yet is it strange that I find the salty seas so alluring to write about. This unknown; where imagination wears both crown and cap'n'bells, may be the reason why I see such mystery, magic and metaphors when my mind sails from the shores.


Written for my lovely and dear friend, Dani celebrating her 30th year after birth.



telling the other


Poems are sometimes created when morning becomes a memory and the afternoon only arrives when grumbling stomachs serve as a reminder.


Sometimes we can't see all the magic, joy and beauty in the world only because we don't allow ourselves. We see the negatives around us in bold and caps lock as that is the font we were last writing in. Wake the writer. Change the font.



i found my people


I wrote this for my friend, Samantha over the course of a bristling night of ideas before bed and then again the following morning, with a fresh mind full of creative correction and adroit adaption. The initial idea came to me as I was thinking back to my friend's story about a poetry slam event called Slamalamadingdong.


Learning more about slam poetry you will discover the event symbolises welcoming, openness, understanding, accepting and non-critical attitudes. It is a safe haven to fully feel and step out of the mask, and into yourself. Finding an environment where crazy ideas are not so crazy,  understanding is as easy as understanding yourself, and inspiration could be found at the cadence of any syllable; simply feels like you've found home.


Inspired by a young heart, a free spirit, and a passionate soul, Samantha.

This is my dream of her dream; of poetry with more than a hint of slam.



unexpected. sweetest. surprising. calming. attraction.


There are times when you least expect it. You'll turn a corner and there it will be. Rumaging through some books, and out it will drop. You'll be staring across a lake when it is blown to your shore. You'll be doing something else, when suddenly you will see.


Like a forgotten memory, the trickle of water droplets splash your face.


It's such pleasant surprise that you ask yourself; Is this what you were after all along?


Inspired by a chance encounter with Alley.

When the mind wanders,

so to do our rules for language.

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