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Poems are sometimes created when morning becomes a memory and the afternoon only arrives when grumbling stomachs serve as a reminder.


Sometimes we can't see all the magic, joy and beauty in the world only because we don't allow ourselves. We see the negatives around us in bold and caps lock as that is the font we were last writing in. Wake the writer. Change the font.

telling the other


You tell me

You wonder when work became joyless and hard

You wonder when kids became disrespectful and rude

You wonder when the city streets became so dangerous

You wonder when food became something we don't even chew


You wonder when we stopped caring for our parents

You wonder when everyone became so disconnected

You wonder when we started ignoring the disadvantaged

You wonder when our leaders forgot about the planet we all effected


You wonder when games became a series of coloured lights

You wonder when music lost its power to move

You wonder when all the romantics and romance vanished

You wonder when people forgot how to say, I love you


I tell you

Why, my friend, do you not realise

Your eyes have been closed

You forgot you have been sleeping

All your imaginings have been your own


Now, I rouse you and say 

Open your eyes with joy and wonder

And you will see and live in the majesty

Of everything, the grandest of colour



Where do you go, what do you do, to paint your world in the grandest of colour?

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