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Initially the title was a statement that came to me as a standalone idea. Later, I realised it delved into the truth and reasoning behind dream or vision boards, and more generally, the strength of effect belief can have.


Thanks to Tye Galloway for imparting me with the wisdom 'we train so we don't need to train', a key element in my exploration of the idea.

Belief is a strong thing


We create dreamboards. We bring things into our life that make us feel strong. We gravitate towards things that make us feel happy. That soothe our soul. Give harmony to our soul.


And when we do this, by bringing these things into our life, by surrounding ourselves by our dream boards, seeing these things everyday gives us strength and makes our belief in them stronger.


Creating and seeing our dreamboard is like training for the soul, training for our beliefs and goals; just like going to the gym to work a bicep, we are training this bicep to be stronger.


We train, so we don't need to train


Meaning the stronger we become during/in our training session, the stronger we will be when we are not training.


We train so we don't have to train.


Thus one day that muscle/idea/dreamboard image will be so strong that we won't need to train for it anymore. Perhaps then we can replace it on our dreamboard, or move on to a different muscle group...

Perhaps, you have a poster of a country you will one day explore to satiate a curiosity for adventure and discovery. Or, keep a small affirmation on a card stashed in your back pocket to remind yourself of a personal mantra. Maybe it is a photo of you and your close friends at a party reaffirming your close friendships, or a rock you picked up from a rocky mountain stream that reconnects you with the outdoors.


What is something you have or would like to add to your life that makes you feel happy, or reasserts a personal value or idea?

Dreamboards are symbols of our beliefs. Places we want to go. How we want to look. How we want to act. What we want our life to be. What we want to learn or discover.


A similar idea can be found in yoga practice. At the start of yoga class, the teacher may invite each person to set an intention for the duration of the class. By carrying this intention in your thoughts as you practice, it can flow and manifest itself in the internal and external worlds. Throughout the practice the teacher will give pause and invite everyone to revisit the intention they set.


Offering time to check in with our intentions, or any such symbols of our belief, we endow our mind with clarity and  focus, strengthening these ideas within us.

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