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Often I find myself amazed by how words can have such a holistic effect on a person. This was written for my friend, Ruby, heading to an exam. I wished to endow positive thoughts and energy into a message that spoke about how sometimes we can be carried away in over achieving.


When we try too hard, we cause ourselves to fail at doing our best; being too caught up with the notion that whatever we end up doing, may not be enough. Feel at peace, free yourself from worry, from fear. Find your inner calm self, in the knowledge that at all times in your life, you do your best in that moment.

To shine like Ruby



Breathe deep in the knowledge that you are an amazing individual, unique beyond duplication. You paint in the hues of happiness, you sing in the voice of courage, and sculpt in the clay of wisdom. Continue to share with life all that makes you who you are, and life will always flow with you to fulfil your dreams.


You'll do great on your exam because no matter what you do, you always do your best : )



For my openhearted friend,




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