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I wrote this for my friend, Samantha over the course of a bristling night of ideas before bed and then again the following morning, with a fresh mind full of creative correction and adroit adaption. The initial idea came to me as I was thinking back to my friend's story about a poetry slam event called Slamalamadingdong.


Learning more about slam poetry you will discover the event symbolises welcoming, openness, understanding, accepting and non-critical attitudes. It is a safe haven to fully feel and step out of the mask, and into yourself. Finding an environment where crazy ideas are not so crazy,  understanding is as easy as understanding yourself, and inspiration could be found at the cadence of any syllable; simply feels like you've found home.


Inspired by a young heart, a free spirit, and a passionate soul, Samantha.

This is my dream of her dream; of poetry with more than a hint of slam.

i found my people


Slam your words into the ground.

Let them shake and shudder.


As if planting a seed, a tree feeding deeply from the buried core,

roots spread far through concrete earth.

Weeds falter yet your shoots break ground.


To grow limbs for friends to perch weary bones.

To find protection from soaring, sharp, searching gaze.


Where budding, bursting blossoms inspire courting, vivid of colour and flare. 

The dance, in unison, honours grace and love.


Beneath leaf unveil fruit, nourish all who welcome the taste.

Food offered quenches growth, the mind and body.


All in connection of earth, air and sky, the path of life you give.

You live.





Photo of a painted alleyway you'll find somewhere in Melbournes heart


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