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Liam 'Bilbo' Beasley

aka the eclectic soulman

Liam grew up in a household with three older brothers in the outer suburbs of Melbourne.
Influenced heavily in his earlier years by his immediate family, Werribee was a place and time filled with bike rides along the river, kicking footballs on the oval behind the house, continually building and dismantling the train set as the holidays came and went, bed time stories and always loads of fun... oh, apart from having to eat zuchinni. Yuck!


Moving to Brisbane in 94' marked a great change in his life. The joys and pitfalls of growing up, leaving two brothers in Melbourne and seeing the other move out of home a few years later meant the cherished 'brother years' drew to a close. And with that door closing, the teenage years had suddenly arrived. High school, friendships, basketball, music and drama all culminated to bring fulfilment and spice to life.





Liam 'Bilbo' Beasley

aka the eclectic soulman - in 200 words :D


(coming soon!)





Thank you all for contributing to my amazing life.


Special thanks to my family and close friends for supporting me to pursue my dreams, Jess Collins for helping edit the content you see before you, Tye Galloway for letting me use his photo, Katrina Steel for being an inspiration of freedom, and all the people at Noosa Confidential for helping me to spread my wings, step past the edge and soar.

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