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From one mind to another

Hello And Welcome :D (english)

Ni hao Bìng huānyíng :D (mandarin)

Hallo Und Willkommen :D (german)

Salut Et Bienvenue :D (french)

Shalom Barukh ha-ba :D (hebrew)

Ciao E Benvenuto :D (italian)

Privet I Dobro Pozhalovat' :D (russian)

Hola Y Bienvenido : D (spanish)

Halo Un Welkom :D (dutch)

Bonju U Merhba :D (maltese)

To the first blog post!

So glad you're here! How'd you go with the greetings? Did you give them all a crack? Write some of them down? I found 'hello' easy, and'welcome' a mouthful :S

The journey of my blog will be a like a windy sunshower, an unpredictable sprinkling of some of my explorations and experiences, both within and without. As a side from updates on facebook, it will be a place for me to connect with a wide audience. Often times, the post will be derived from a more personal writing sent to a friend, in which I've discovered or thought about something I find interesting.

Some subjects you may find in the blog could be about regret, shame, handstands, sunny days, music in the park, family dynamics, emulations of shakespearean lingo, stories about giants and handkerchiefs, tales about jazz festivals, as well as generally... plans, schemes and (muhahah) devilsh deeds!!!

A few of my writings and ideas can also be found elsewhere on the website. Those will be more polished, shortened or adapted versions of the writings you may find in teh blog.

Always, I would love to hear your own thoughts and stories. You. My family, friends, and friends I have yet to meet;

all that you are

helped shape all that I am.

All that is in this world, my universe.

For this, I am eternally grateful. You help me to create my heaven on earth.



Therefore, you helped me to create this blog : )



So if you don't like it, find it annoying, irritating, confronting, hilarious, useless, or marvellous, you can only look at yourself! And, lets be honest, this blog is awesome cause YOU helped to make it!! haha :P

I leave you with a quote from one of the first music album's I ever bought,

'Ahhh, it's time to relax, and you know what that means... A glass of wine, your favourite easy chair and of course, this compact disc playing on your home stereo. So go on, indulge yourself, that's right, kick off your shoes, put your feet up. Lean back and just enjoy the melodies. After all, music soothes even the savage beast.' - The Offspring 'Smash'

Liam 'Bilbo' Beasley

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