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A sages wisdom

One of the most enjoyable times in my week is going to Kundalini house where I practice yoga, Qi Gong... and conversation haha

When others share thoughts with me, the conversation is always delightful. Likewise, it brings me joy when I can share my own. In particular, my website, which I believe displays the most cherished of these.

Ha, one of my lovely friends from Qi Gong class, shared one of my poems with her friend, Barbara. When I met Barbara the other day, she mentioned she too really liked the May I Have poem. She told me she thought it was something a sage old monk would say.

I smiled at this.

( :

I believe when we read something, hear or see an idea, if we then believe in that idea, we take it into ourselves. It is then no longer someone else's idea; instead it becomes our own.

Let us be thankful for everyone in our world because we are all the greatest sages. For when one sage shares their thoughts with someone who believes in it, both individuals become sages of that wisdom.

Barbara is now a sage of my message about wisdom, courage and love.

Keep sharing all that you are,

my fellow sages.

Never blank, are your pages to share

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