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Energy for my Sunny Soul friends

A few weeks had passed and I hadn’t spoken to, or seen my, lovely, new friend, Aviva.

My initial thoughts were that I wanted to send her a happy message asking about her mother who was undergoing treatment for cancer. When we last spoke, Aviva had mentioned to me that she was helping to look after her. Knowing how my own mother helps to look after her sister with cancer, I recognised the investment of energy it can be in such situations for the carers of cancer sufferers, and more generally, the ill. I wanted to write and send something purely to support Aviva. To help give energy back, that she may continue to support her own mother.

This idea of support carried into thinking about balloons, lightness, buoyancy, and the question; what uplifts me? What follows is the result.

Hi Sunny Soul

This message comes from

Tissue boxes filled with playful kittens,

Parks filled with frisbees and tail wagging happy dogs,

Bicycle rides under twinkling stars and a half moonlight,

Belly laughing in the aroma of dinner table celebrations amongst friends old and new,

Scorching sun sitting outside shaded road trippers with windows down and aviators on as the roar and sea spray of the passing beaches fills their mind and body.

Believe in where you find the joy of life. Seek it without. Create and nurture it within. And always, ask for directions when you feel blinded from the way. When I think of you, I believe in you : )

Upon completion, I realised that I wanted to share this with more friends… and then everyone :D

The Great Road beside the Ocean

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